3 ways to kill a dancer

“3 ways to kill a dancer” and other works! was an independent dance performance by emerging Vancouver choreographers to live music and original compositions that took place in March 2012.

Here is a selection of photos from rehearsal and the performance! (Click on any photo to see larger size)

Voici une sélection de photos des répétitions et du spectacle! (Cliquez sur les photos pour voir en format plus grand)

Here is a video montage of the title piece, 3 ways to kill a dancer!

Who: Choreographers/Dancers – Eloi Homier, Cai Glover, Caitlin Griffin, Kyle Toy, Tiffany Bilodeau, Jacqui Lopez.
          Composers/Musicians — Denis Carignan, Ashleigh (Smashlee!) Somerville, Donald Fleurent.

3 ways to kill a dancer is an original creation that was inspired by the frustrations of a day job. It is really difficult to make a living as a professional dancer, and often one has to work a day job to keep living, but the intense urge to dance out of my desk has driven me to create this piece.
The piece will be danced by two dancers: Eloi (playing himself!), and Cai will alternately play Eloi’s inspiration, and his alter-ego. He will be sometimes forcing him to sit at his desk and work, portraying the side of him that does exactly that, and sometimes inviting him to go do what he is meant to do: dance!
There will be an original musical track for “3 ways to kill a dancer”, which Québec musician Denis Carignan is currently custom-composing!
We have the incredible chance to have a live musician accompany Denis’ original composition for the performance. Donald Fleurant will be joining us on the bass for an intense live musical experience.

There will also be an opening ukelele act by Ashleigh (Smashlee!) Somerville. She will be singing her own thematic tunes to get the show off to a good start! She will also provide vocals for a collaborative piece later in the show. 

Speaking of which, the evening will also include a structured improvisation piece that will be a collaboration between Cai, Eloi, Smashlee, Donald, and our guest artists Kyle Toy and Caitlin Griffin. Smashlee will be singing/talking for all four dancers to create fascinating moves on the spot.

Kyle and Caitlin will also be presenting a few of their own choreographic beauties.

We have two new dancers to the line-up! Jacqui Lopez will present her own solo entitled IN(pro)gress, which is about “the deconstruction of our selves in the progression of technology” and Tiffany Bilodeau will also show a solo that she choreographed.

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